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Food allergy epidemic in Australia

Concerned that food intolerance was being over diagnosed, the Melbourne Murdoch Children’s Research Institute undertook targeted research to find out what the facts were. Much to their surprise, the study determined that Australia has the highest percentage of children with food allergies as compared with the world (10% in Australia as compared with 5% elsewhere). The increased in food allergies was likened to the asthma epidemic of the 1990’s where cases rose dramatically but no one knew the reason why. Experts now warn children are at risk as waiting lists for special care blow out Read more. If you want prompt and accurate testing and treatment for childhood food allergies and intolerances you might like to consider contacting YourHealth Brighton whose aim it is to quickly address your child’s healthcare needs Read more.

Winter Allergies … mould, dust and dust mite problems

With the onset of winter, cold weather and rain I imagine you thought most air borne allergens had disappeared for another year. Instead, you may find that your nose is still congested and itchy or your breathing is still a bit difficult or your eczema just won’t go away. If you don’t know the reason why, an interesting article about winter allergies suggests that the recent wet and cold weather coupled with the onset of winter has led to the natural increase in mould, household dust and dust mite populations. The article suggests some sensible options which may assist you dealing with this phenomena Read more.  If you don’t find the article helpful why not consider testing and treating for moulds, dust and dust mites instead!!!