About Us

Your Experienced Team of Experts

Low Dose Immunotherapy is a simple treatment but requires a teamwork from many specialists. We have hand picked our team for their expertise and excellence in their respective fields.

Breakspear Medical Group

Breakspear provides Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals (a compounding pharmacy) with the base allergy products.
Breakspear has treated over 15,000 patients since 1982. Starting as a family business over 25 years ago and has earned global recognition for its contribution to the field of environmental medicine.
Breakspear Hospital is registered with The Care Quality Commission, which is the new health and social care regulator for England. The Breakspear has a Manufacturing ‘Specials’ Licence through the Medicines Control Agency for the manufacture of allergy products in their Antigen Laboratory. In order to qualify for this licence, the Breakspear Medical group’s manufacturing procedures and laboratory must conform to the Medicines Control Agency regulations for sterility and laboratory control.

Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals

The Low Dose Immunotherapy treatments are especially compounded by Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals who are commited to providing preservative free products. Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals uses advances technology to provide patients with the highest quality custom compounded products possible. Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals purchase each pharmaceutical ingredient from only the most reputable manufacturers ensuring they adhere to the US Pharmacopeia & British Pharmacopeia – world standards for quality pharmaceutical ingredients. They continually check the purity, quality and accuracy of their production of pharmaceutical, vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements to ensure a high quality solution for the patient. Many other pharmaceutical providers include excipients and fillers that cause problems to patients with hypersensitivities.
With Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals custom compounded medications, patients get the exact therapy they need, made with the highest quality hypoallergenic ingredients.
Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals operates under “best practice” principles. Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals has, over 15 years, developed a series of standard operating procedures containing multiple ‘double-checks’ to assure accuracy and traceability of prescriptions. Australian Custom Pharmaceuticals is committed to the highest level of technical and professional expertise.

YourHealth Brighton

The mission of YourHealth Brighton is to optimise your health and wellness by providing a comprehensive, holistic, and highly customised healthcare service. YourHealth achieves this by integrating conventional Western Medicine with evidence based alternative approaches.
YourHealth Brighton qualified and experienced medical practitioners do detailed assessments to provide a holistic diagnosis, including a search for underlying triggers and causes.
This is followed by an individualised management plan which is discussed in detail with you. Patient management involves the implementation of appropriate medical, lifestyle, and environmental modifications. More specifically these may include, nutrition, supplementation, environmental changes, detoxification, education, monitoring and support.

The Nurses

Low Dose Immunotherapy testing is carried out by our dedicated staff of caring nurses under the supervision of Integrative Medical Doctors. All our registered nurses have been extensively trained in the Breakspear low dose immunotherapy protocol.