Testing and treatment may assist

A different approach to Allergies and Intolerances

  • Do you…
  • Suffer from Allergies and Intolerances?
  • Want to consider another option beyond just symptom control?
  • Want to potentially widen your diet?
  • Want a preservative free Allergy & Intolerance testing & treatment approach?

What conditions may be assisted by our testing & treatment?

If you suffer from allergies and intolerances and are generally tired of addressing symptoms,  Provocation/Neutralisation using Low Dose Immunotherapy may able to assist you to quickly identify and potentially treat your allergies and intolerances so a nutritionally well-balanced diet becomes a more realistic option for you.

Conditions such as:

may be assisted by the protocol.

The first step in diagnosing allergies and intolerances is by testing.

Our aim is to test:

Our testing and treatment protocol is preservative free.

Provocation/Neutralisation using Low Dose Immunotherapy does not test or treat for coeliac or fermentable sugar intolerances such as lactose, fructose, fructans, galactans or sorbitol.Allergy Intolerance Testing Treatment Perfume Toxic Brighton Melbourne Clinic


How does “Exclusion & Challenge” compare with our protocol?

“Exclusion and Challenge” is considered by many doctors the “gold standard” in identifying food intolerances. This method may take up to 6 weeks or longer to identify one problem food which is then excluded from the diet. If more foods are suspected “Exclusion and Challenge” may take many months to identify and exclude the problem foods.

Our testing method can test many foods (and other problem substances) in 2 to 3 days. In many cases by taking our treatment, those problem foods may be eaten and not excluded from your diet.

Is your testing medically supervised?

This type of testing and treatment has been in operation for over 25 years in medical practices in the USA, Singapore and the UK.

The Australian testing, like that at Breakspear, is medically supervised. We operate in a medical clinic and the protocol is conducted by registered nurses trained in the Breakspear technique.

What are the benefits of Low Dose Immunotherapy?

The aim of our treatment is to assist you to potentially eat and enjoy foods, take supplements or be exposed to inhalants, moulds or other environmental chemicals to which you previously reacted adversely.

Evidence based research indicates that Provocation/Neutralisation using Low Dose Immunotherapy has the capacity to benefit a large number of people. The studies show that after taking Low Dose Immunotherapy previous experiences of food intolerance or animal induced asthma or migraine or a variety of other symptoms and conditions have improved.

Many have also seen significant improvements in their health after using Low Dose Immunotherapy. Trudy, who suffered terribly from food allergies and intolerances is now able to eat things that had been strictly off limits for a long time.

Lisa suffered numerous anaphylactic reactions. Following Low Dose Immunotherapy treatment, her health improved dramatically. After taking Low Dose Immunotherapy Julian benefited from a much improved gut and immune system.

What does a US environmental doctor say about Low Dose Immunotherapy?

To hear a US environmental doctor Dr. Doris Rapp talk about allergy testing and treatment please click here. Dr. Rapp is a board-certified environmental medical specialist and pediatric allergist. She served as Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at the State University of New York at Buffalo until January 1996. She practiced traditional allergy medicine for 18 years. After learning about environmental medicine in 1975, Dr. Rapp began to incorporate the principles of environmental medicine into her pediatric allergy practice.

How do we test, diagnose and where appropriate treat children?

Our approach when testing and treating children for allergies or intolerances does not involve the use of needles. Instead, we use sublingual drops under the tongue. This means your child will have a positive experience when testing for allergies or intolerances or receiving treatment.

Where can I try this protocol?

Until now this testing, diagnosing and treatment protocol has been offered only in the US, UK, Europe and Singapore which makes it difficult for Australians to access.

Low Dose Immunotherapy is now available in Australia at the Allergy & Intolerance Clinic which is located in the YourHealth Brighton. Low Dose Immunotherapy is a first-line treatment of allergies and intolerances at Breakspear Hospital in the United Kingdom.

This testing and treatment protocol has been in use for over 30 years in the USA, Singapore, the UK and is now available in Spain.

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine educates US doctors in the application and use of this protocol.

Low Dose Immunotherapy has two treatment options

A Personalised Treatment plan is best suited, depending on your sensitivity level, to more complex cases. For less complex cases the Multi-Allergy plan may better meet your needs.

Allergy Intolerance Testing Treatment Perfume Toxic Brighton Melbourne Clinic

We are a Fragrance Free Clinic

Many people are affected by inhaling chemical ingredients of perfumes and perfumed products. Our Clinic is Fragrance free.